Certificate of Occupancy

No building or portion of a building may be occupied until a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued and obtained. A Certificate of Occupancy will be issued when construction is completed in conformance with all applicable codes, and all required inspections have been approved. The Bloomfield Hills City Ordinance specifically prohibits the issuance of a Final Certificate of Occupancy prior to approval of the "as-built" grading plan.

Obtaining a Certificate
A Certificate of Occupancy can be obtained 2 business days after the last required inspection has been approved. An Application for a Certificate of Occupancy must first be submitted to this office to assure that all inspections have been completed and approved, and that reimbursement to the City for all Engineering and Planning fees has been achieved.

Certificates of Occupancy would not be issued for "Stand Alone" permitted work. "Stand Alone" permits are issued for work that involves only 1 or 2 trades. Examples of "Stand Alone" permits would be furnace replacement, electrical panel upgrades and water heater replacement. Homeowners are cautioned to tender final payment to the contractor for the work only after it has been inspected and approved by this department. This will assure that the completed work is code compliant and installed to meet the prescribed levels of safety.