Fire Inspections

Do you have questions or concerns about the fire safety condition of your building? Our fire inspectors conduct ongoing routine inspections but will also answer questions or schedule a special fire inspection with you.

Our state certified fire inspectors complete fire inspections on businesses and multi-family dwellings. Businesses are checked for any fire hazards including emergency exit access, emergency lighting, updated fire extinguishers and storage of dangerous chemicals. All fire sprinkler systems or cooking grill hood systems are also inspected. The goal of the inspections are to protect occupants, the community and firefighters. When problems are found, our inspectors work with businesses to correct the problem and in most cases the businesses have a specified period of time to correct any violations.

Our fire inspectors work closely with the city’s building department to assess what is needed on any business structures being built or modified.

  1. John Corrigan

    John Corrigan