Earth-Friendly Fertilizers

Fertilizers sold by retailers meeting the “Earth-Friendly” criteria established by the Healthy Lawns and Gardens Technical Advisory Committee, April 2007

Earth-Friendly Criteria
Criteria for designation as an earth-friendly fertilizer:
  • Slow-release nitrogen:
    • Natural organic fertilizer; or
    • Synthetic fertilizer with 50% or more W.I.N. or controlled-release component
  • Low-phosphorus or no-phosphorus:
    • Ratio of nitrogen-to-phosphate is 5:1 or greater
  • Free of all pesticides (including herbicides); no weed-and-feed.


Brand Name
N-P-K Percentage Slow-Release Nitrogen
Corn Gluten Products
9-0-0 85%
Clean Green Soy Fertilizer
Fertrell Lawn Fertilizers
9-1-4 or 8-1-8
70% - 855
Leso Professional Turf Fertilizer
32-0-10 67%
Ringer Lawn Restore
10-2-6 76%
Scotts Organic Choice Lawn Food
11-2-2 91%
Soil Science
5-0-7 High
Sustane (Lesco product)
18-1-8 79%
Turf Nurture
15-2-7 75%
Other Information
Other products meeting these criteria may be available. If you are aware of other products, please email the Southeastern Oakland County Water Authority or call 248-288-5150. See the Healthy Landscapes website for healthy lawn care tips and store locations.