Firearms - Purchase Permits & Registration

Dealer Sales

Residents wishing to purchases pistols from licensed dealers in Michigan are no longer required to obtain a permit to purchases from their local law enforcement agency.  Licensed dealers are now able to produce the appropriate pistol registration paperwork and perform the appropriate federal background checks.  Once the background check is approved and the paperwork is completed, the dealer will give you a copy of the Pistol Sales Record that needs to be delivered to the Public Safety Department.  The State of Michigan no longer requires an inspection of the firearm.

Private Party Sales

To purchase a pistol from a private party, you will need to obtain a Permit to Purchase.  Residents will need to come to the Public Safety Department between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  It is suggested that you call and speak with a communications specialist prior to coming into our Department to ensure that staff are on hand to assist you.  Once you have arrived at the station, our staff will conduct the appropriate background checks and issue or deny a permit based on the findings.  Should you be approved, the permit will be immediately issued and is valid for 30 days.  Once the firearm is purchased, you will need to return the appropriate section of the sales permit to the Public Safety Department.  The State of Michigan no longer requires an inspection of the firearm.

CPL Sales

Residents who hold a valid Concealed Pistol License, commonly referred to as a CPL or CCW, can purchase a pistol at any licensed dealer without a background check once they show their CPL.  CPL holders who wish to purchase a pistol from a private party may obtain the necessary form at any time from the Public Safety Department.  The form can also be found at the link on the right.

CPL Applications

Any resident wishing to apply for a CPL can either contact the Oakland County Clerk's Office or click on the link at the right for more information.

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