Inspection Information

Inspections are required after obtaining a required permit and are conducted on all regular business days. All inspection requests must be made by 4 p.m. the day before and work must be ready at the time of request. Inspection requests may be made by calling 248-644-1520 and providing the following information:

  • Date the inspection is to occur
  • Type of inspection (Refer to the published list)
  • Address of the job
  • The permit number
  • The name and phone number of the person making the request
  • Any other pertinent information (lock box combination, special access, etc.)

Work not ready or incomplete at the time of inspection will result in an automatic denial of approval and a $100 re-inspection fee. If an inspection must be cancelled, it must be done before 8:30 am of the inspection date or a $100 re-inspection fee will be assessed. All re-inspection fees must be paid prior to re-scheduling the unapproved inspection.

Inspection Requests

Inspection requests must be made by 4 p.m. the business day prior to the date requested.  

Building and Trade Inspections can be made by any of the following methods:  

Inspection Scheduling

Building inspections are generally conducted throughout the day based on workload and administrative requirements. Permit holders may call the office between 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. to schedule an approximate time (2-hour range) for the inspection. Unfortunately, specific appointments are not possible.

Trade inspectors generally schedule their inspections in the morning. For approximate inspection times, when scheduling the inspection please note you would like the inspector to call you with an estimated time.  Be sure to leave your name and contact number with the inspection request.