Who is responsible to register the property?
The ordinance specifies that the “owner” must register, but that term is further defined as “any person or legal entity having a legal or equitable title or any interest in real property.” The registration form essentially identifies who the “responsible party” is, the person or entity that will oversee the maintenance and eventual inspection of the premises.

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1. When did the City enact this ordinance and why?
2. What does the ordinance require?
3. I leave my home for several months out of the year. Am I required to comply with the ordinance?
4. Who is responsible to register the property?
5. When must the inspection be conducted?
6. If I buy a vacant property and have the home inspected by a “certified home inspector,” does that count?
7. What happens if a property is inspected and issued a “Renewed Certificate of Occupancy,” but no one moves in for 6 months?
8. Are there any other requirements or inspections?