What are examples of Personal Property?

Personal Property consists of office furniture, office equipment, testing, diagnostic and electronic equipment, machinery and equipment, coin-operated equipment, rental DVDs, games and videotapes, computers and computer-related equipment, as well as, all related trade fixtures of a business.

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1. What are examples of Personal Property?
2. When and where do I file my Personal Property Statement?
3. What happens if I file my Personal Property Statement late?
4. Can I request an extension for filing my Personal Property Statement?
5. What costs do I report on my Personal Property Statement?
6. I don’t own a building, though I lease office space, do I still have to file for personal property?
7. I operate a business out of my home, do I have to file for and pay personal property tax?
8. How can I appeal my personal property assessment?
9. What are my responsibilities as a business owner?
10. I closed my business this year (or moved it out of Bloomfield Hills), and still received a tax bill for my personal property. Do I have to pay it? Why?