If I register to vote by mail, do I need to be aware of any special requirements?

You must meet an identification requirement under federal law. That means you must:

  • Enter your state-issued driver's license number or personal ID card number where requested on the registration form, or
  • Send one of the following forms of identification when mailing this form to your county, city or township clerk:
    • A photocopy of a current and valid photo identification (such as a driver's license or personal ID card) or
    • A photocopy of a paycheck stub, utility bill, bank statement or a government document that lists your name and address.
  • OR if you are unable to fulfill this requirement at the time of registration, you may provide one of the above items at the polls on election day to complete the process.

Never send an original document.

If you don't fulfill that requirement, you will be asked for an acceptable form of identification before you vote in your first election in Michigan. The identification requirement does not apply if:

  • You personally hand-deliver the registration form to your county, city or township clerk's office instead of mailing the form, or,
  • You are disabled, or
  • You are eligible to vote under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act.

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