July 26, 2019

Rudgate / Marblehead
The installation of the new water main is completed on both Rudgate and Marblehead. Storm sewer installation is next near Rudgate / Falmouth.

The storm sewer installation is wrapping up on Kennebec, residents will see the prep work begin in advance of the road paving portion of the project.

Edge drain is scheduled to be installed the end of next week and crews will be in the area in preparation for the paving work.

Storm sewer installation has started. The contractor will be onsite Saturday, July 27th to continue this portion of the work.

The contractor is working to get the water main connection made on Merrimac.

Some streets under construction have been experiencing delays in garbage pickup. We have been working with the garbage hauler to help avoid further difficulties. Please contact the onsite Field Representative should you have any concerns to report.

Survey and staking crews are still in the area marking various infrastructure locations. These stakes must remain in place until removed by the contractor for a safe and efficient installation process.

While the construction is a disruption to your daily schedules, we ask for your cooperation to maintain safety for both the construction crews and for residents. To the extent possible, please consider limiting trips in and out of the construction zone and refrain from parking in the heavy construction areas. Please do not use neighboring properties to park or as a bypass of the construction. The crews and the onsite field representative will do their best to help you with site access. Please understand this is a very active construction zone which can be dangerous in itself. We have recently experienced instances where high speeds and ignoring road closures have put both residents and workers in danger. Your patience and consideration will only help to improve the safety of the site for everyone.
Termination of Precautionary Boil Water Notices from Oakland County Water Resources
• The precautionary boil water notice effective July 22, 2019 for 694, 684, 674, 664, 654, 644, 657, 663, 695 Rudgate and 270 Marblehead in Bloomfield Hills was terminated July 26, 2019.

• The precautionary boil water notice effective July 24, 2019 for 631, 591, 583, 577, 569, 561, 570, 578, 596, 634, and 555 Rudgate in Bloomfield Hills was terminated July 26, 2019.
New Precautionary Boil Water Notice from Oakland County Water Resources
• A precautionary boil water notice will be in effect July 29, 2019 for 5427, 5437, 5447, 5477 LASHER /19, 20, 45, 65 Merrimac Ct. and 3204, 3224, 3326, 3376 Quarton in Bloomfield Hills. This notice is due to scheduled water system construction.

Project Contacts
Onsite Field Representative Tom Cairo (248) 535 3437
Project Engineer Melissa Coatta (248) 454 6567

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