November 20, 2018

Road / Water Main Replacement Program

We are nearing the completion of the 2018 road program for the season. We plan to be back in the spring of 2019 to complete the southwest portion of the city and to begin other road projects outside that area. What remains to be completed are several driveways on Woodridge, Haverhill, Martell and Bennington. We plan to complete these driveways this weekend, depending on weather. We are still working on restoration to include the installation of sod, the repair of road edges that have been driven over and in some cases, sprinkler repair. Most of this work is finished, but we anticipate continuing to work on this for the next week.

The paving of Bennington was done late due to contractor union issues, which affected projects statewide. This occurred over a 129 day period, which put the entire state behind in paving projects. There is still paving occurring throughout the state and by MDOT because of this unfortunate dilemma. Nevertheless, our roads are under warranty and any cracks, imperfections or deficiencies will be corrected in the spring. I want to thank everyone for their patience through this construction season. As always, our goal is to improve the city’s infrastructure and improve the driving experience of our residents and visitors. Please continue to direct your concerns to the contacts listed below.

Road Program Contacts
General Inquiries (248) 644-1520
Field Representative Tom Cairo (248) 535-3437
Contractor Concerns Melissa Coatta (248) 535-3336
City Manager David Hendrickson (248) 530-1404

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