2018 Road Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which roads are being paved?
A: City roads between Lahser and Cranbrook, and Quarton and Lone Pine will be paved. Some roads require water main replacement, and others will be milled down and paved with new asphalt.
Q: Will my driveway be affected?
A: Most driveways on water main replacement roads will need to be cut back approximately 3 feet from the edge of the road.
Q: I have driveway pavers or paver edging.  How will the pavers be handled?
A: Pavers and paver edging on asphalt driveways, will be removed 3 feet from the road and placed to the side. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to replace pavers and other material, other than asphalt, in the City’s road right-of-way.
Q: Where is the City’s right of way?
A: The right-of way-starts at the edge of the road and extends approximately 15 feet into a residential property.
Q: What if my sprinklers are damaged?
A: All sprinkler head and irrigation damage caused by the 2018 Road Program, will be repaired during our restoration phase of that particular road. We will communicate with affected residents when this restoration is scheduled. All damaged irrigation systems must be repaired by the City’s irrigation contractor in order to qualify as a City expense.  
Q: Should I shut off my sprinkler zone in the right of way?
A: This could be helpful so that you can continue to use your irrigation system during construction.
Q: Is parking on the street permitted during construction?
A: Parking on the street during road construction will be prohibited during certain phases of construction. Vehicles in the way will be required to move.
Q: Who do I call when I have a problem?
A: You can call the City’s number for general questions.  If you have specific questions regarding a particular phase of construction, please use the information provided in our weekly updates. You are always welcome to talk to the City Manager if necessary.
Q: Will trash be picked up during construction?
A: Yes. We have coordinated with GFL, they are also aware of the construction progress.
Q: Will school buses be operating?
A: Yes. There will not be a disruption in bus transportation service.
Q: Will my street be closed during construction?
A: All roads will be open for the majority of the time. If a road requires closure, we will communicate this to the affected residents. If you have a special need, please contact us and we will arrange for your safe passage.
Q: I live on a water main replacement road. Will I have to take special precautions for using water?
A: You may be without water for several hours during construction. It is also a possibility that you will need to boil water for a period of time. The construction process we are using should eliminate much of this need. Look for timely communication with the affected residents should there be a boil water advisory. 
Q: Can I drive on my street when they are paving?
A: During certain periods of paving you can drive on the road.  However, there will be some instances that require temporary road closures for a several hour period. We want to reduce the likelihood of getting tar on your vehicles. Look for future communications on these restrictions.
Q: How can I continue to receive up to date information?
A: Register for our email and text communication program by sending a message to City Clerk Amy Burton at aburton@bloomfieldhillsmi.net.
Q: I don’t like where equipment is being stored.  Who can I talk to about this concern?
A: Contact the Field Representative Tom Cairo at (248) 535-3437.
Q: I see all of these flags around my property, what does it mean?
A: The flags are reference markers that do not necessarily mean we will be disturbing that area. Please do not remove any flags as they allow the contractors to know what is going on underground.
Q: When will the restoration work be completed?
A: At the end of each phase of construction, the contractor will be completing the general restoration work. If you have any questions about your specific property, use the contact information provided in our weekly communication to reach the field representative. 
Q: I want to register a complaint?
A: Please contact the City through our main number, (248) 644-1520.  Staff will take your name, number and your concern share it with the appropriate person.
Q: My mailbox has been damaged?  Will I still get mail?
A: Please contact the Field Representative Tom Cairo at (248) 535-3437 to inform him of the damage.  The contractor will install your mailbox to ensure your mail delivery service is not interrupted.  A temporary mailbox may have to be used for short period of time.
Q: What will happen to landscape or structures in the road right-of-way?
A: The City realizes the impact the water main replacement can have on individual property owners.  Landscaping and other structures in the right-of-way, including overhanging tree limbs, may require removal to safely install the new water main. All landscaping replacement in the right-of-way will be the responsibility of the homeowner. We continually work to minimize the disruption to the best of our ability, while at the same time keeping the workers safe and able to install the infrastructure.  If you have specific concerns about your property, our field representative Tom Cairo is onsite daily to address these concerns.  

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