June 26, 2021

Bloomfield Hills Residents:

The significant rainfall that occurred on Friday, June 25th resulted in several road closures, flooded areas, and down trees throughout the city. The City Hall weather station recorded 3.18 inches of rain yesterday and .63 inches of rain before noon on June 26th. Such high, continuous rain volumes require time to allow for the water levels to recede.
At this point, all the roads are now open to traffic. Our crews continue to work on the clean-up, taking care of down trees, branches, and debris to provide safe access on the roads. After these immediate issues are resolved, city staff will then begin to clean up the intersections from storm debris and make repairs to the gravel roads that were washed out by the heavy rains.
Our Public Safety Department and Public Works Department are here to assist. For emergency situations, please call 911. For non-emergency needs, please call the Public Safety Department at (248) 644-4200.

David Hendrickson
City Manager

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