Plan Submittal

Plan Security & Storage
SPARE plans are stored in the Planwell system, a highly secure system with access limited to the Public Safety Department, the City Manager and key Building Department personnel. (Other than Public Safety, these are the same people that have access to the complete building plans for the address in question.) There is no public access to ANY of the plans stored in our system, including the SPARE plans.

Submit Your Plans
SPARE plans must be submitted on a CD/ROM in a read-only format and should be limited to only the floor plan overview pages. Accessory buildings, if any, should be submitted on their own page(s). If possible, though not required, SPARE plans should show as little of the detail required to construct the structure (i.e. headers, floor and ceiling structures, etc.) The SPARE plan should be a floor-by-floor, skeletal overview with the following items highlighted in RED:
  • Utility shut-off locations (gas meter, electrical meter and panel, and water main)
  • Location of stairways and elevators
  • Bedroom locations with egress windows shown
  • Exterior door locations
  • Location of any hazardous material storage (i.e. oxygen tanks, gas tanks for welding purposes, workshops, etc.)
  • Special suite locations for the elderly, physically challenged, and infants or toddlers
  • Identify any excess storage of motorized vehicles beyond the obvious garage bays (i.e. automotive lifts)
  • Location of gun collections/ammunition and how protected from fire or explosions.
  • Clearly identify the address on each page. Owner’s names MUST be omitted from all pages.
Additional text information can be shown (in red) in the blank fields with arrows directing attention to the space in question.