Points of Emphasis

Off street parking must be provided for all vehicles. Machinery not in use must be removed from the site in accordance with City Ordinance No. 229.

Site Plan Copies
The original (red-stamped) Site Copy of all approved plans must be available on site for all inspectors, whether or not they request or need it for their inspection. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to see that a permanent, safe storage system is on site that maintains these plans in his/her absence. If a lock box is used to secure these plans, the combination must be provided each time an inspection is scheduled.

Re-Inspection Fees
All trade inspections and contract-building inspections that are not approved will result in an automatic re-inspection fee. All re-inspection fees (trade or building) must be paid before the re-inspection may be scheduled. There will be no exceptions.
  • Trade inspectors are contract employees and generally schedule their inspections in the morning. For approximate inspection times, request that the inspector call that morning. Our Trade Inspectors may be reached by calling City Hall 248-644-1520 and requesting to be connected to the inspector's cell phone.
Failed Inspections
The staff Building Inspector/Official has the option to waive re-inspection fees in certain instances. However, the following circumstances will always result in the inspection being unapproved and require a re-inspection fee:
  • Work not ready for inspection;
  • Site not accessible (i.e. property locked) for inspection;
  • When Job Copy plans are not available for inspection;
  • When significant progress has not been made since the previous Not Approved (DA) inspection;
  • When it is apparent that the permit-holder is using the inspector to conduct a walk-through punch-list.
Trade Inspections
Rough Building inspections and Final Building Inspections will not be scheduled until all trade inspections have passed. Unless we are responding to a violation notice or conducting an Information Inspection to determine general code compliance, building inspections may not be scheduled simultaneously with trade inspections. There are no exceptions.

Soil Erosion Control
Straw bales or soil retention fencing must be maintained on all new construction and addition sites. All sites must be kept free of debris at all times and streets are to be cleaned every day. All inspectors will check for proper maintenance of soil erosion control.

Permitted Working Hours
City Code requires that proper signs be posted on the site that notify the workers of the permitted working hours: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and no Sundays. All inspectors will check for proper posting of these signs.