Code Enforcement

The City of Bloomfield Hills employs a Code Enforcement Officer. The purpose of this position is to let owners and occupants know of any issues that may violate city ordinance and when necessary, initiate enforcement action. The ordinance officer can be reached by calling city hall at 248-644-1520. Additionally you may view our city ordinances online.


 The City of Bloomfield Hills is primarily a residential community of beautiful estate properties.  Occasionally, property maintenance questions arise and require the City’s Code Enforcement Officer to participate through education of the applicable codes and ordinances.  The following is a summary of the most common Code Enforcement Questions. 

Exterior Structure:

The exterior of a residential and commercial structure shall be maintained in good repair, structurally sound and sanitary so as not to pose a threat to the public health, safety, or welfare as outlined in the International Property Maintenance Code, 2015.
Recreational Vehicles:

No recreational vehicles (travel trailer, tractor trailer, pickup camper, camper, camping trailer, motor home, travel coach, motorized dwelling, tent trailer, boat, boat trailer, snowmobile, snowmobile trailer, horse trailer, dune buggy and any other similar equipment) can be stored on any lot in a residential district except for in an enclosed garage, provided however that a recreational vehicle may be parked on a driveway or in the rear yard of a residential lot for a period not to exceed a total of twenty-four (24) hours during loading or unloading.

Construction Materials:

All exterior property and premises shall be free from any accumulation or storage of constructional materials such as but not limited to lumber, block, brick, roofing, pipe, wire and fixtures, unless said materials are related to and necessary for lawful construction activities on the premises, the storage is neat and orderly and is limited in duration to the time reasonably necessary to incorporate the stored items into the construction on the premises.

Grass and Noxious Weeds:

No owner of any parcel of land within the city shall permit any growth of weeds, grass or other vegetation to a height no greater than seven (7) inches on the average, or any accumulation of dead weeds, grass, or brush.

Prior to May first in any year the city manager is authorized to notify the owner of any parcel of land or the agent of the owner to cut, destroy, and/or remove the material and vegetation and to keep it cut, destroyed and/or removed until October fifteenth of that year.

Parking and Storage of Motor Vehicles:

Use of off-street parking for the storage or repair of motor vehicles or for the parking of wrecked or junked vehicles is prohibited.

Tree Removal:

An individual parcel owner may remove the greater of four (4) regulated trees or ten (10) percent of the regulated trees from their lot within a two-year period without a permit. If the owner elects to remove a percentage of the regulated trees on the parcel, they must adequately document the total number of regulated trees on the parcel. Anything over the above allotted number of trees requires a permit.

Down/Dead TreesPrivate Property

All exterior property areas are to be maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition, this includes the removal of trees or tree branches that have fallen.


Businesses at times use a “banner” type sign on the exterior of their property to advertise or celebrate an award or milestone. This type of sign is prohibited.

Natural Features:

A “natural feature” is a wetland such as a lake, pond, river, stream, or creek.

There is a 25-foot setback from the boundary or edge of a wetland and no activity such as construction, landscaping, tree/brush removal can occur within the setback without approval from the city.

Maintenance and Security of Vacant Homes:

Even though a residence may be vacant due to a seasonal change of homes or a pending sale, it is still the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that the property is properly maintained. The property shall be properly landscaped which includes grass, ground covers, bushes, trees, shrubs, hedges or similar plantings. Maintenance includes regular watering, irrigation, cutting, pruning and mowing of required landscaping and removal of all trimming. Property shall be maintained in a secure manner so as not to be accessible to unauthorized persons. Secure manner includes the closure and locking of all windows, doors, and gates.