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Posted on: April 24, 2018

2018 Road Program

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June 18, 2018 - Road / Water Main Replacement Program

Goodhue Road curb removal will begin this week followed by the installation of the edge drain.  Curb replacement is scheduled to begin the week of June 25th.  During the curb replacement, the driveway curb portion must be protected and vehicle traffic over the curbs will be prohibited for a period of time. 

Woodridge Road water main installation is complete.  Water main testing and hydrant installation are the next phase. 

Haverhill Road water main installation is anticipated to begin the end of this week. 

June 11, 2018 - Road / Water Main Replacement Program
Goodhue Road will have two crews working simultaneously this week to complete the water service connections.

Water main installation will continue on Woodridge as scheduled. Hydrant installation will begin when the main installation is nearing completion.

June 4, 2018 - Road / Water Main Replacement Program
Goodhue Road water service connections will be installed this week, along with the ongoing water sample testing. Water main installation has started on Woodridge and will continue for the next few weeks.

As the road and water main replacement program continues; if you have an upcoming event at your home, please stay in touch with us.

May 28, 2018 - Road / Water Main Replacement Program

Installation of the water main on Goodhue Road is nearing completion. Road milling began on Woodridge Road last week. Residents on Woodridge will notice continued work in preparation for the water main installation to start within the next week.

As the road and water main replacement program continues; if you have an upcoming event at your home, please stay in touch with us.

May 21, 2018 - Road / Water Main Replacement Program

Installation of the water main on Goodhue Road began last week.  Goodhue is expected to have the water main completed at the end of this week.  Residents on Woodridge will begin to see activity in preparation for water main installation to start after Memorial Day. 

The City realizes the impact the water main replacement can have on individual property owners.  Landscaping and other structures in the right-of-way, including overhanging tree limbs, may require removal to safely install the new water main.   We continually work to minimize the disruption to the best of our ability, while at the same time keeping the workers safe and able to install the infrastructure.  If you have specific concerns about your property, our field representative Tom Cairo is onsite daily to address these concerns.  

As the road and water main replacement program continues, if you have an upcoming event at your home, please stay in touch with us. 

Road Program Contacts

General Inquiries                                            (248) 644-1520

Field Representative Tom Cairo                     (248) 535-3437

Contractor concerns Melissa Coatta              (248) 535-3336

City Manager David Hendrickson                   (248) 530-1404

Consumer’s Energy Gas Main Program

Separate from the road program, Consumer’s Energy is replacing gas mains in the southwest portion of the City, which will not conflict with the City’s 2018 Road Program. Their anticipated completion will be early August.

For updated information, please contact Consumer’s Energy directly.  Their field representative, Brian Alexander can be reached at (989) 329-5731. If you have trouble communicating with Consumer’s Energy, contact City Manager David Hendrickson.   

May 14, 2018 - Road / Water Main Replacement Program

This week the contractor continued with planning and preparation rather than beginning pipe replacement.  On Monday, May 14th, construction is planned to start at Church and Goodhue Road, in the north right-of-way, and continue down Goodhue.  This process should continue for the next 2-3 weeks. 

May 8, 2018 - Road / Water Main Replacement Program Update

The program is divided into four phases.  In each phase, water main infrastructure will be replaced prior to paving.  The first phase includes water main replacement on Goodhue Road and Woodridge; the project has started on Goodhue Road. 

New water main infrastructure will be installed on the east and north side of Goodhue as the road approaches Church. The City’s road right-of-way will be disrupted in these areas. There is no anticipated disruption of water service this week. 

Additionally, investigative digging is occurring on Goodhue Road to identify underground structures.   Woodridge Road is scheduled to follow Goodhue for the first phase.   We will keep you updated. 

May 1, 2018 - Construction Equipment Staging 

The City’s contractor for the 2018 water main work, Bricco Excavating, will be storing materials, machinery and equipment at the parking lot along Lone Pine Road between Church Road and Goodhue Road. The City right of way on Goodhue just south of Lone Pine Road, will also be utilized.

In addition to the parking lot off Lone Pine Road, the abandoned street of Woods Hole Way off Rudgate will be used as a staging area for machinery and material storage.  Both of these areas will be used for the duration of the water main project.

April 30, 2018 - Water Main Replacement Map

Click on the link above to see the map for the 2018 Water Main Replacement Program.  The map shows the project divided into 4 Phases, with the streets highlighted in blue where the water main work will be completed.  

April 26, 2018 - 2018 Road & Infrastructure Program Kickoff

The City of Bloomfield Hills has prioritized road and infrastructure improvements as part of the budget and goal setting process for 2018.  This year’s program will begin with a comprehensive water main replacement program followed by the road improvement program, focused in the southwestern portion of the City. From Cranbrook Road to Lahser Road between Quarton Road and Lone Pine Road, residents will notice a lot of progress this construction season.  The project is scheduled to begin with water main replacement the last week of April.  

Phase 1: April 26 - June 22

Streets: Woodridge Road and Goodhue Road

Phase 2: June 20 - July 25

Streets: Martell Drive from Yarboro Drive to Haverhill Road, Martell Court and Haverhill Road

Phase 3: July 26 - September 19

Streets: Bennington Drive from Falmouth Drive to Rudgate Road, Rudgate Road from Falmouth to Harlan Drive and Marblehead Drive south of Rudgate Road

Phase 4: September 13 - November 5

Streets: Merrimac Court, Sebago Lane, Falmouth Drive east of Lahser Road to Nantucket Drive and Kennebec Court

We are committed to communicating timely and concise information for the projects planned in your neighborhood. The City will publish weekly project updates, typically every Friday afternoon. In addition to the weekly updates, we will send prompt notification of any potential challenges residents may encounter.  Email will be the primary method of communication between the City and our residents. New this year, we can now accommodate those who prefer text message notifications through the city’s website. If you choose, simply submit your cell phone number to be included on a text notification distribution list. Email addresses and phone numbers collected are confidential and will be used solely for notifications about the City’s infrastructure projects.

Please help us keep you informed! Send an email to City Clerk Amy Burton at with the email addresses and phone numbers to be enrolled in the City’s notification database.  Once enrolled, you will receive an email to confirm your subscription to the notification database. 

Thank you for your participation and cooperation during the construction process.

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