1. Construction Board of Appeals Requirements (PDF)

    Read about the requirements established for a Construction Board of Appeals.

  2. Grading Ordinance Checklist (PDF)

    View the Grading Ordinance Checklist from the city of Bloomfield Hills.

  3. Noise Producing Device Installation

    In accordance with Ordinance No. 372, the installation of these devices is subject to several conditions for approval. At time of application for the installation of these components, the following must be submitted for approval by the Building Official.

  4. SPARE

    SPARE is a program that will enhance the ability of the Public Safety Department to respond to an emergency situation in improved fashion.

  5. Special Inspection Program Guide (PDF)

    View a guide to special inspections and learn when one may be required.

  6. Taking Shelter from the Storm

    Having a safe room built for your home or small business can help provide near-absolute protection for you and your family or employees from injury or death caused by the dangerous forces of extreme winds such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

  7. Uniform Energy Code (PDF)

    Read through the Uniform Energy Code for the state of Michigan.

  8. Wood Deck Construction Guide (PDF)

    Read a comprehensive guide to constructing wooden decks.

  9. Vacated Properties

    Due to economic conditions, mortgage fraud, foreclosures and increased bankruptcies, many homes have become vacant and unsupervised.

  10. Required Inspections

    View list for inspections required for various types of permitted building projects.