Message from the Chief

Message From The Chief
The City of Bloomfield Hills is committed to providing the highest level of public safety service. Our officers are cross trained as certified police officers, fire fighters and medical first responders. This combination allows us to respond to our residents effectively, efficiently and faster than traditional police and fire departments who operate independently and are not cross trained.

Our mission is to protect and improve the quality of life of our citizens by providing public safety services in a courteous, professional, and respectful manner. Effective public safety service requires a partnership between the community and the public safety department. Our core values which include accountability, integrity, respect and teamwork support this community partnership concept.

The BHDPS will strive to maintain our quality of public service through leadership, training, and commitment to the safety and peace of mind of our residents and visitors.

Thank you for visiting the Bloomfield Hills Public Safety Department's web site. I hope that you find the information contained here informative and useful.

David Hendrickson