The consulting firm of Hubbell, Roth and Clark (HRC) has been providing civil and municipal engineering services to the City of Bloomfield Hills for close to 50 years. As the City’s engineering consultant, HRC is responsible for engineering review of all projects and developments within the City, including drainage, public utilities, flood plains, public sanitary sewer and water mains, storm water management, sidewalks, and roads.

Engineering Services
HRC also provides assistance and information in the following areas of municipal engineering services:
  • Planning, design and contract administration for street improvements and reconstruction.
  • Storm sewer and drainage investigations.
  • Construction of public utilities including water mains, sanitary sewers, and public drainage improvements.
  • Provide engineering comments on proposed development plans in being reviewed by the Planning Commission or Zoning Board of Appeals.
  • Utility and Road Improvement Master Planning
  • Review of Right of Way Disruption Plans for permitting.
  • Review of Residential Grading Plans for permitting.
  • Coordination of sanitary sewer investigations and rehabilitation.
  • Ordinance review and drafting.
  • Compliance with state and federal sewage, storm water, and drinking water mandates.
More Information
Prior to contacting the city’s planning, engineering and legal consultants, all inquiries shall go through the city administration to determine the appropriate course of action. The Building Department or the City Clerk’s Office will guide the petitioner to the proper department or consultant as necessary. The City of Bloomfield Hills is committed to providing the highest service to our residents and customers. This process will ensure inquiries are handled as efficiently as possible.