Public Works

The Department of Public Works building is located at 1805 Kensington Road, just north of Long Lake Road.

The Public Works Department does not have designated office hours due to the small staff size of the department, however if you do have questions or concerns they can be reached at 248-203-0621
Department of Public Works staff
The Department of Public Works is responsible for several City services. The Department is responsible for the maintenance and snowplowing of all City-owned roads, maintenance of City-owned property and City vehicles.

The Department of Public Works provides assistance in the following areas:
  • Repair potholes and other minor road repair.
  • Street Sweeping / Snow Plowing of City roads.
  • Trim trees in the City right-of-ways.
  • Mowing in the City right-of-ways.
  • Installation and repair of City street signs.